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Roomapes was started in Los Angeles by rentpayers who were frustrated with the crapshoot process of picking roommates. Sure, you might have previously met them at some social function or even had a conversation at a coffee shop, but how in the world do you find out how they behave as a roommate? After complaining to each other that there was no way to find out if a prospective roommate would be good or not, we came up with the idea of this resource.

Roomapes is the only place on the internet where everybody can discuss their experiences living with their previous and current roommates. It is our goal to build a resource that people can use in order to help them make informed choices about prospective roommates. While we added levity to the site in order to lighten the mood, roomapes.com is really meant to be a housing resource for the people (and who says you can’t add a little fun?).

We invite everybody to join us in this grand effort. Free speech is useless if nobody speaks. By helping us build this resource, you will help somebody in the future avoid a miserable roommate experience. It sounds cheesy, but your small contribution will improve the quality of life for those around you.